Episode 15: Early Election Action

In our fifteenth episode we discuss some of the latest campaign announcements that have taken place. The municipal election doesn’t take place until October, but that hasn’t stopped a number of candidates from kicking off their campaigns, including three current councillors running for mayor.

Things really got underway with the approval of the arena deal and the announcement the very next day by Kerry Diotte that he would run for mayor. In recent weeks, both Karen Leibovici and Don Iveson have announced that they too will run for the top seat. With Amarjeet Sohi’s decision to run again for council, it looks as though the big names for mayor have all come forward. There’s a long way to go before a winner is declared, but that doesn’t stop us from comparing them!

Here are some relevant links for this episode:

There’s much more to come on this topic. Thanks for listening!

Disclosure: Mack is volunteering for Don Iveson’s campaign.