Episode 25: Premier Redford’s Leadership Review

In our twenty-fifth episode, we discuss Premier Alison Redford and the PC Party leadership review she faces later this week. An estimated 1500 voting delegates will converge on Red Deer on Friday and Saturday for the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta AGM and one of the things they’ll vote on is Premier Redford’s performance.

After a series of missteps since winning the election last year, there’s a small but loud group of people that would like to see some change at the top. How likely is it that Premier Redford will survive the leadership review? If, as expected, she does, what then? Will there be any other fallout? We discuss those questions and more in this more provincially-focused episode.

Graham was right on the money with his prediction for the outcome of the municipal election – will he do it again with his prediction on Redford’s leadership review?

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