Episode 49: Salary Hikes & Cuts, Winter Cities Shake-Up, Rossdale Canal

In our forty-ninth episode we discuss the provincial MLA salary cuts and the City Council increase, the WinterCity Shake Up, the proposal for a canal in Rossdale, and an update on construction hoarding. This episode was recorded on January 30, 2015.

Very interesting timing for the Prentice announcement about a salary cut, just days after City Council approved an independent committee’s increase of their own wages. But is that really what the announcement is about, or is it more about the unions? What is going to happen with taxes in Alberta? Does our City Council need to make any symbolic cuts like the Province is? When might a provincial election be called?

We also discuss winter, from a variety of angles. People enjoy winter all over the world, why can’t we enjoy it here? Do we have to stay locked indoors during the winter? When can I get some mulled wine outside? Why is this canal idea for Rossdale coming forward now, if we already have Touch the Water? We agree Edmontonians should be able to enjoy access to the river, but what’s the best way to do that? With all the construction happening downtown, what changes are needed to improve construction hoarding? We discuss those questions and more.

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