Episode 51: West Edmonton Mall Terror, Aging Clock Towers, Character & the Oilers, 311 Explorer

In our fifty-first episode, we discuss the terror threat made against West Edmonton Mall, problems with our two downtown clock towers, the latest round of news about how hockey players don’t like to play in Edmonton, the new 311 Explorer, and a couple of interesting upcoming events.

How can we deal with terror threats like the one made against West Edmonton Mall and other shopping centres? Is it a serious threat or is it marketing? What action should we as citizens take? Our downtown clock towers are not keeping time very well and need some maintenance. What can do we do about that? Why don’t we budget for this sort of thing? How else could we fund improvements? Why don’t hockey players want to play in Edmonton? Do they not like the city or is the team the problem? Why didn’t any of the current players stand up for Edmonton? What’s the deal with the 311 Explorer? Why should citizens care?

We discuss all those questions and more! We also discuss the upcoming Red Bull Crashed Ice event and the Magna Carta Tour.

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