Episode 58: Oilers clean house, Notley wins the debate, Council lowers tax increase, The Walrus Talks Aboriginal City

In our fifty-eighth episode, we discuss the major changes underway at the Edmonton Oilers, the Alberta leaders debate and other election news, the lower tax hike that Council has approved, and the Aboriginal City event hosted by The Walrus.

All of a sudden Oilers fans have reason to be excited again! With a new GM and Connor McDavid, things are looking up. Will we get a new coach? Do we really have reason to be excited? With the polls predicting an NDP victory, what are our predictions for the election? Who will form government and who will serve as the official opposition? How was Council able to lower the tax increase for 2015? What will they spend the extra money on? What were the takeaways from the Aboriginal City event?

We discuss those questions and more! We close with a short update on placemaking.

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