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Episode 56: Budget 2015, Little Brick, Galleria, Best Streets in Edmonton

In our fifty-sixth episode, we discuss the Alberta budget, the incredible growth taking place downtown especially around the arena, Riverdale’s new cafe Little Brick, the Galleria project’s apparent demise, and the best streets in Edmonton.

We start with an interesting discussion about the buildings going up around town. Some of the new buildings going up will bring a splash of color to an otherwise beige array of structures. How do we feel about that? (hint: we love it). There’s also some great public art with the Alex Janvier’s selection for the winter garden and we share our thoughts on that too.

Then we get into the budget. Why was everyone so disappointed in the budget? What could Prentice have done differently? What does this mean for the election? Has the PC strategy backfired? The Galleria is not mentioned in the budget, so it looks like it won’t receive any funding required to go forward. What does that mean for the project?

We both like Little Brick, but what is it that we like about it? What could other local business owners learn from them? Metro has listed Edmonton’s best streets. Do we agree? What others should have been considered? We discuss those questions and more.

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