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Episode 50: Sun News Network, Commonwealth Games Bid, Galleria Survey, 5th Largest Urban Area

In our fiftieth episode, we discuss the demise of Sun News Network, the demise of the Commonwealth Games bid for 2022, we discuss the biased survey on the Galleria project, and we chat about Edmonton officially becoming the 5th largest urban area in Canada.

Graham is sad to see Sun News Network disappear from the TV lineup, but Mack is less bothered. Graham argues it was a refreshing¬†alternative voice that is now lost, while Mack argues that they too often went too far. Do the naysayers just have “a CBC view of the world” or did Sun News actually cross the line? Have we lost an important viewpoint?

What does ending the bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games bid mean? Is it really realistic for the City to shift its attention to 2026? What else could we have spent that money on? Are we just too dependent upon the price of oil to tackle these big projects? What about the Galleria project? If we’re cutting elsewhere, how can we be considering that project?

Is there any benefit to being the 5th biggest urban area aside from bragging rights? We’re right behind Calgary and slightly ahead of Ottawa-Gatineau.

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