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Episode 20: Condo Explosion

Can you believe we’ve done twenty episodes already? Time flies! In this episode we discuss Edmonton’s condominium explosion. Graham learned recently that there are an astounding 27 new high-rise condo towers in the design, permitting, or construction stages.

Whatever happened to “buy land”? Are condos worth the investment? What kind of architecture can we expect from all of these new towers? Why aren’t there more developers looking to operate rental buildings? Will the increased demand for condos last? Does car ownership have something to do with it? We discuss these questions and more.

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Episode 13: Civic Precinct Master Plan

In our thirteenth episode we discuss the Civic Precinct Master Plan. Council decided at the end of April to put a stop to the $50 million plan, but of course, it’ll be back.

Why is anyone working on this project? How can we possibly afford it alongside all of the other priorities that we have? What else could we be spending that money on? We tackle these questions and much, much more.

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Council has asked for two reports to come back in Q1 2014 – one to better understand concerns of festival groups, and one to find a way to deal with the LRT design, funding, and integration as part of the SE LRT budget.

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Episode 6: Downtown Performing Arts Centre

We’re back with a discussion in episode #6 about the proposed downtown performing arts centre! This new complex would be built near the new EPCOR Tower and would house a 1700 seat theatre, three smaller theatres, a public square called The Galleria, and an office tower.

Representatives from the project’s committee presented an update of sorts to Executive Committee on February 25, and showed some sketches about what the building could look like. They’re still working on the business case, but they did announce the University of Alberta as a partner.

Do we need this new project? Does it really solve challenges facing the arts community? Wouldn’t this compete with the downtown arena? Is this the best way to leave a legacy? We explore these questions and more, and Graham puts forward a very interesting idea for how the money could be used instead.

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The next report is due back to Executive Committee on April 29, and it should give us more detail about the business case for the centre.

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Episode 3: Rossdale Power Plant

In episode #3 we discuss the uncertain future of the Rossdale Power Plant. EPCOR is keen to offload the property to the City by the end of March, but a new City report suggested that it could cost up to $87 million to repurpose the buildings. What should we do? That’s one of the topics we explore!

We also talk about our inability to preserve historical buildings, and the way the Rossdale Power Plant fits in with the other plans that are in place nearby (such as the West Rossdale Urban Design Plan and the new Walterdale Bridge).

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