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Episode 53: #PrenticeBlamesAlbertans, River Valley Oleskiw Trail, Transit App, Welcome Signs

In our fifty-third episode, we discuss Premier Jim Prentice’s comments that led to the #PrenticeBlamesAlbertans hashtag, the recently approved River Valley Oleskiw Trail, the newly updated Transit App, and we talk about what should happen, if anything, with Edmonton’s welcome signs.

What do we think of the premier’s comments about looking in the mirror? How could he have handled the situation differently? What will this mean for future comments from the Premier? Will it impact the release of the budget on March 26? Will it have a lasting impact beyond that?

Graham is excited about the new trail and another link in the river valley system, but will the City be able to maintain all of these trails? What’s the story for the downtown portion of the river valley? ETS is working on live transit information but people haven’t been happy with the app story, so Transit App took matters into their own hands. Is that bad? What can we learn from this? Is ETS intentionally holding data back? Once again Council is talking about replacing or changing the welcome signs that greet drivers as they enter the city. Why are we talking about this again? What should we do? How can we put this issue to bed? We discuss all those questions and more.

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Episode 3: Rossdale Power Plant

In episode #3 we discuss the uncertain future of the Rossdale Power Plant. EPCOR is keen to offload the property to the City by the end of March, but a new City report suggested that it could cost up to $87 million to repurpose the buildings. What should we do? That’s one of the topics we explore!

We also talk about our inability to preserve historical buildings, and the way the Rossdale Power Plant fits in with the other plans that are in place nearby (such as the West Rossdale Urban Design Plan and the new Walterdale Bridge).

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What do you think should happen to the Rossdale Power Plant? Let us know!