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Episode 57: City Branding, New Casino, Funicular, Revitalized Varscona Theatre

In our fifty-seventh episode we discuss the City’s ongoing branding efforts, the new Baccarat Casino downtown, the funicular proposed to improve access to the river valley, and the revamped Varscona Theatre.

Why is city branding important? What has Make Something Edmonton been up to? Why is it taking so long to get some sort of result? Could we have done it more quickly? What can we learn from other successful branding efforts, like ATB Financial?

We finally have some news about what’s happening with the Baccarat Casino, so what’s the story? What other kinds of announcements should we expect about the arena district? The City says the funicular is going to happen this year – what do we think about that? Will it be enough to get people into the river valley? The Varscona Theatre is being revamped from the ground up and looks to be a beautiful new arts facility.

We discuss those topics, questions and more! We close with a few thoughts on the provincial election.

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